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“Up and now, the company’s journey has been challenging, exciting and enriching. But the company now stands at a juncture, ready to take its next leap, a leap propelled by young dynamism and youthful progressive mission.

I strongly believe that man is outcome of his choices; it all starts in the head; if you perceive something as attainable, then it is; and if you don’t, then it hardly materializes. Naicom Homes Limited believes in the possibilities”.

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2 thoughts on “Word From Managing Director”

  • Eunice Mdzomba

    It seems that the company is at a turning point and is ready to take its next leap forward. The managing director believes that company choices and perceptions play a significant role in the company success.

    • Naicom

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Eunice. I agree that the managing director’s perspective on the importance of company choices and perceptions is crucial for the success of the company. It’s encouraging to see that the company is at a turning point and ready to take the next leap forward. I believe that the company’s success not only depends on external factors but also on how the company adapts to changing market conditions and customer needs. It will be interesting to see how the company navigates these challenges and leverages its strengths to achieve its goals.


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